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SEX PROBLEM (Erectile Dysfunction )

There are many myths about diabetes that make it difficult for people to believe some of the hard facts. These myths can create a picture of diabetes that is not accurate and full of stereotypes and stigma. Following are the myths (misconceptions) about diabetes. Read them carefully and sort out fact from fiction. Alleviate your fears and know the truth about some of the most common myths about diabetes.

Diabetes - A Perfect Storm for Erectile Dysfunction

Nearly 50% of men with diabetes have sex problem esp. inability in achieving or maintaining an erection also called Erectile Dysfunction (ED) or Impotence. Erectile dysfunction in men due to diabetes is often undiagnosed and left untreated. This becomes a major cause of depression in diabetes, leading to a setback in personal lives and affecting blood sugar control as well.

What are the causes of ED?

ED is due to damage of blood vessels and nerves in the penis. Common causes are diabetes, depression, smoking, obesity, certain medicines (oral pills for high BP, depression or peptic ulcers), surgery (prostate or bladder). Studies have shown that psychological factors such as stress, anxiety, guilt, depression, low self-esteem, and fear of sexual failure cause 10-20 percent of ED cases.

Why do Men with diabetes have Erectile Dysfunction?

The causes of erectile dysfunction in men with diabetes are complex and involve impairments in nerve, blood vessel, and muscle function. To get an erection, men need healthy blood vessels, nerves, male hormones, and a desire to be sexually stimulated. Diabetes can damage the blood vessels and nerves that control erection. Therefore, even if you have normal amounts of male hormones and you have the desire to have sex, you still may not be able to achieve a firm erection.

What Treatments are available for Men with diabetes and Erectile Dysfunction?

Men with diabetes having problem in achieving or maintaining an erection can take oral medications like as sildenafil, vardenafil and tadalafil. However, because people with diabetes also have heart disease, these medications may not be appropriate and can prove to be harmful. Thus, always consult your doctor before starting these medications. Additional treatments men with diabetes might want to consider include intra-cavernous injection therapy, vacuum constriction devices, intra-urethral therapy and sex therapy. So what treatment is best for you would depend on many factors which your doctor can only decide for you.

How to handle ED?

It's not easy to accept that you have ED and it is even harder to talk about it. Talking about ED is the only way to learn about the cause and the treatments required for you. It's normal to feel embarrassed discussing such an intimate and personal issue, but your health care provider is a professional who is always there to help you. Explain to him your concerns, the symptoms, and medications you are already taking. Your doctor would definitely help you and recommend the treatment that fit your needs.

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